There are many reasons why you should read bedtime stories to your children. Even if you don’t have all the time you would like to do it, you can be sure that a quick bedtime story or two can still have a great impact in your children literacy skills and overall development. It will also become a precious time of connection between you and them that you’ll treasure.


Bedtime stories are important to create good routines

The routine is essential to a kid’s emotional stability. Your kids can say they don’t like it, but the true is that children like (and need) to know what is coming next. The reason is that it makes them feel secure and loved and it helps them to feel calm.

It’s very important to create precious routines for your children – think how we remember with joy some rituals of our childhood. If you create the routine of reading a bedtime story every night, it will help them to keep healthy sleeping habits, and will reduce their stress levels at night. With luck, it’ll also make it easier for you to put them to bed.


Reading together helps children improving their vocabulary

Reading is the best way to improve our vocabulary in any age and especially when we’re children. When we’re children, everything is new and we need all the tools to learn. The more tools we have, the more we can learn. To have a rich vocabulary is not only about being a good speaker, is about being able to think with clarity and structure.

Our job, as parents, is providing our children with valuable resources that’ll help them achieving their full potential.


Bedtime stories increase your children’s imagination

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”– Albert Einstein

We should never underestimate the power of imagination. A good education is not only a technical one but one that help us to develop our imagination. We all need imagination to feel good and complete. To imagine, to create worlds, art, stories, to think outside the box sometimes, that is all essential.



Bedtime stories every night help to create a stronger bond

One of the best parts of bedtime stories is the connection between parents and their children. To share a beautiful story and letting the imagination fly is a magic moment. It can take away all the worries, and be a way to relax and enjoy each others company. We all that had parents reading us bedtime stories, remember that moments with gratitude, like something really beautiful and meaningful.

Bedtime stories help to develop a love for reading

In order to learn to love something, we all need a little push to begin with. The love for reading is something so precious that we should help our children to discover it. One great way to do it is to read with them every night.

First, they’ll wait and listen for you to tell them the stories, but, with time, they’ll feel the urge to find the stories themselves. Soon, they’ll feel the joy of reading a beautiful story and will start sharing that joy with others.


Curiosity for knowledge

Curiosity is innate to human being, but some people has it more than others. The will to learn more is a distinct quality in a person in every stages of life. The teachers, the friends, the colleagues, the future employers will deeply value that quality.

If you teach your children the love for reading you’re teaching them the love for learning and the patience to do it.

Memory and concentration 

In this technological world, parents deal with the hard challenge of keep their children focused on their duties and studies. It’s easy for the children to become anxious and less motivated for hard tasks that take time and patience. Reading bedtime stories is a great way to help your children to improve their memory and concentration. 



To read or to listen stories is a magic way to learn more about a world that we so poorly know about when we’re children. Books about distant places, different lives, and things that we’ve never experienced or that we never will, are an amazing way to discover more about the world and ourselves.

When you’re reading bedtime stories to your children you’re opening their world. 


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