This means that our bookstores bear witness to our history and are important symbols of Portugal by the books they sell and the walls that contain them. 

It would be a pity to visit Portugal without touring some of its most remarkable bookstores. Here are some of the most important ones you cannot miss.


Livraria Centésima Página – Braga

Livraria Centésima Página @ Centésima

Known in English as The Bookstore of Page 100 and located in the very center of Minho’s capital, you will find this precious gem of a bookstore. It was founded in 1999 in a different location and finally settled in the Casa do Rolão, a gorgeous 18th-century baroque manor designed by Northern Portugal’s premiere baroque architect André Soares.

Braga is known for this architectural style, so it’s only fitting that its most impressive bookstore would be in a place like this. It features a cozy café and a sunlit backyard where you can sit and enjoy a beverage of your choosing and a slice of cake while browsing through Centésima’s exquisite selection of books. If you don’t read Portuguese, don’t worry, they also have quite a fair amount of English and French selections as well.


Ler Devagar – Lisbon

Ler Devagar @ Lisboa Cool

If you’re in Portugal’s capital city, you will find plenty of historic and remarkable bookstores to visit including the Guinness World Record holder for the oldest working bookstore, Bertrand Chiado, and antiquity shops, like Ferin and Sá da Costa. But the most precious one is in Lx Factory, a few train stops from the city center. It’s called Ler Devagar (Reading Slowly) and is located inside an old Portuguese newspaper pressroom. 

They still keep some of the machinery inside the store, as a museum of sorts. It also features two cafés, one on each floor, and a vast selection of books that goes from the newest to thousands of uncatalogued used books that would take a lifetime to sort through.


Livraria Almedina – Coimbra

Livraria Almedina Arco @ Portugalio

If you’re a local, or a frequent visitor to Portugal, you will know the Almedina bookstore chain. They are the premier purveyors of academic or judicial books in Portugal and have stores all over the country. The first one, however, was opened in 1955, in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Coimbra, right next to the gate of the ancient city walls, built in the 11th century. 

The interior is decorated all in black with modern materials but the exquisite design models the medieval wall that inspired the brand. Despite specializing in academic materials, you will still find a healthy selection of fiction and commercial books as well.


Livraria Santiago – Óbidos

Livraria Santiago @ Visitar Portugal

Built inside a hundred-year-old building, Livraria Santiago is a surprise for all who visit. It is located inside the walls of one of Portugal’s most charming medieval villages, Óbidos. At first glance, it is nothing but yet another Portuguese church but once you go inside, you will see a selection of over thirty thousand books, on display from the altar to the door. It has a little bit of everything for everyone, and the ambiance is truly special.


Livraria Lello – Porto

Livraria Lello @ Comércio com História

We have saved the best for last. Selected as one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores by publications such as The Guardian, Time or Lonely Planet, Lello is likely the most visited attraction in Portugal’s second most popular city. Built in 1906 in a very unique art nouveau style, its spectacular staircases, ceilings, and façade have been referenced by some of the greats of Portuguese literature, such as Eça de Queirós, Camilo Castelo Branco or Teóphilo Braga

As one of the world’s premier temples to reading, we definitely recommend booking your visit in advance since the lines are as long as the visit is worthwhile.


A Piece of Portugal in your Home

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