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Four generations of knowledge continually producing high quality bed linen.

Amalia was founded
Amalia was founded
Algarve, Portugal
Every night can feel like summer holidays

Imagine the sound of the waves against the rocks, the tide coming and going, the softness of the sand, the warmth of the sun on your skin. Our collections are designed to make you feel all those good sensations every night in your home. We believe that a bed linen piece should be comfortable like summer holidays and a true piece of art.

Lisbon, Portugal
A piece of Portugal in your home

Since 1922, the Amalia Home Collection has been developing and producing luxurious and artistic home textiles, made in Portugal, and inspired by the Portuguese culture and its beautiful landscapes. From the coastline to the countryside, from the cobblestone streets to the rolling hills, from the rooms of a beautiful palace to the Atlantic ocean’s deep blue, each design brings a little piece of Portugal to your home.

Maria Amália
Who was Amalia?

The name Amalia was inspired by Maria Amalia, the beloved great-grandmother of António Coelho Lima, one of the creators of the Amalia Home Collection. The name Amalia is also deeply connected to the Portuguese soul because it belongs to one of the most iconic and beloved characters that the country ever had: Amalia Rodrigues, who has touched the heart of the whole world through the most famous Portuguese music form: Fado. Our collections embody all that soul, love and beauty.

Our History

Amalia Home Collection is a fourth-generation family business and it’s a culmination of almost 100 years of experience and heritage in the textile industry. Its roots can be traced back several generations to the 1920s when some of the original mills of northern Portugal began to manufacture products that personified the European quality and craftsmanship. Today, many of the same methods and techniques used for decades are combined with modern innovation, resulting in a luxurious high-end product.

From Portugal, with love

Worldwide, “Made in Portugal” is a symbol of quality & reliability. The purchase of one of our products not only implies quality, but it also means it was made in an environment that is socially and ecologically responsible.


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