You have certainly seen color wheels around. They don’t just show you the shades of color in the visible spectrum, it also shows you how they relate. Colors that are very close to each other in the wheel have a kind of relationship, while colors that are directly opposite to each other have an entirely different one. Color theory is a complicated subject, but when it comes to decorating a room, there are only a few things you need to know.

Let Amalia Home Collection be your guide on how to coordinate color in your bedroom, and then go shop our perfectly-balanced, color-coordinated collections.


When Decorating with Color, Less is More

There is no need to go crazy with a color scheme. If yellow or green is a part of your choices, you don’t necessarily need to paint your walls in these colors. Sometimes, all that is needed for color to pop is its presence. For example, a piece of art or bed linens can give enough of a color to give a room its personality.

Use Complementary Color Themes

A complementary scheme is one that plays off of opposites. You want to look at the color wheel and find whichever tones are directly opposite to each other. Some very popular options are, for example, blue and orange, or violet and yellow.

Do keep in mind that complementary color schemes, since they play on contrasts, will always be quite vibrant. They are not for everyone, but if you do go for it, try completing the scheme with a neutral color, like grey or white.

Find Analogous Color Themes

Analogous colors are those that are close to each other on the wheel and are proven to have a more soothing effect. For example, you can combine a deeper blue with cyan tones such as green and teal. You can pick any two or three colors that are adjacent to each other on the wheel and they will always play nicely with each other. Again, you can always complete the more calming scheme with a neutral color.

Use Triad Colors Themes

This is for the creatives among us. To make a triad color scheme, you need to pick one color from every third of the wheel, trying to keep them as evenly spaced as possible. Red-violet, yellow-orange, and blue-green are all complementary, and if you have one of each, you can create fantastically different and extremely harmonious results.

It is important, however, to respect the spacing. Our brain appreciates the complementary nature of the colors and intrinsically understands the triad pattern, even if we can’t immediately put or finger on why it works, but if we don’t respect the spacing, that effect doesn’t work.

Amalia Home Collection’s Best Bedroom Color Schemes

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