Rethink Your Dining Table

Dining tables are easily the largest and most cumbersome pieces of furniture in most living or dining rooms. But how often do you use them to sit more than four or five people as opposed to stacking papers or placing other things on them in passing? Three, four times a year?

If that’s the case, consider getting rid of the large table and getting a smaller round one. Round or oval tables can sit more people in less space than traditional rectangular ones. Four people can easily sit at a round table that, were it square, would only seat two comfortably. Without corners, even if you have to scooch together a little more, odds are you can always fit one more.

Go For A Daybed In Your Guest Room

When guests come, fold it out, make it look beautiful, and they’ll never know the difference. But when guests aren’t there, which is probably most of the time, use that extra space.

A daybed that turns into a beautiful sofa creates extra living spaces and then doubles as a home theater or a reading room. Dedicate this as a private space where your family can go for quieter activities when they don’t want to be in the middle of the main living area’s hustle and bustle.

If you have kids, you can also make it their space. A space for playing, maybe studying, or crafts and hobbies. This way, they can leave projects or homework out unfinished without tidying up for guests, but is also a way to teach them how to separate relaxed spaces like their bedroom, from creative or focused areas.

Edit Spaces for Maximum Effect

Does this feel like a comment for a writer? That’s because it is. Editors often need to be hard on writers because they use too many words to convey an idea. That means they write too many words when fewer would suffice (like us now). It’s solid advice too. When there are too many words around, the outstanding ones won’t shine. The same goes for decoration.

Nothing makes space seem smaller than clutter.

If you have a lot of stuff you love and want to display, change things around more often. Rotate your decorations instead of displaying them all the time. This will make your space look bigger and more refined.

Use Decorative Pillows

Do you know what the single greatest space-taker of all is? Extra furniture. Those extra couple of chairs in your bedroom. That supplementary coffee table in your living room.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but decorating a space with a couple of large-scale items instead of several smaller pieces of furniture will make a huge difference. It will make the whole room seem grander.

The challenge is how to make then it feel cozy and appealing anyway. The answer is decorative pillows. They can make any bed, sofa, or couch feel like home, even if you don’t have a lot of other stuff lying around. And the best part is you can quickly put them away if needed.

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