Actually, You Can Become A Morning Person

In everything, self-confidence is key. This applies to your morning routine as well. Don’t perpetuate the lie that you aren’t a morning person. It will take practice (that doesn’t necessarily mean waking up early), but with a morning routine, you’ll find yourself with more energy and time in the mornings instead of struggling to function when you wake. 

Keeping a positive attitude, going to bed early, and being excited for new days will train your mind. Before you know it, you’ll be a morning person! 

Tidy Up Your Space 

Organize your space and your mind will follow. Sleeping in a mess effects you subconsciously as well as when you first wake. It signals that there is much to be done which leaves you stressed before you’ve even set foot on the ground. Understand these subtle triggers and instead tidy up your space the night before. Wake up in a clean atmosphere and everything else will seem easier from there

This extends beyond your bedroom; Wash your dishes, put laundry away, pack your lunch, take out the garbage, and other small chores that don’t take long at night. Give yourself that gift of space to mentally prepare for your day by tidying up. 

Choose Your Clothes The Night Before

Check your calendar, check the weather, remember engagements you might have from day to night, and then choose your clothes and accessories appropriately. One step further is to try on your outfit as well. We’ve all had the experience of imagining a great ensemble only to have it not quite look or fit right. 

Don’t be stressed in the morning looking for a specific piece of clothing or regretting your outfit all day. That happens with rushed decisions from any number of things that might delay you while getting ready in the morning. As a bonus, take the clothes and accessories out and lay them on a nearby piece of furniture – every minute saved counts!


Set Goals For The Next Day 

Goal-setting is not just a practice for the new year. It’s also great to set daily goals. Even though we may not be in control of how our day will play out, we have control over what we want to accomplish. More often than not, time escapes us throughout the day. But with goals to keep our focus, we will get more done in a day than we ever thought possible. 

Planning is the key to achieving better results. Try setting three to four small goals to optimize your productivity. Before going to bed, make a list of goals. This way, you’ll know what you want to get out of the morning. This will help you direct your focus and lower stress of not knowing what to do first. 

Avoid The Snooze Button

We’re all guilty of reaching for the snooze button once in a while (or, for some of us, every day!). But, no matter how tempting those extra minutes might seem, they will not compensate for the hit your morning routine will take as a result. 

When you wake from an alarm, you’re waking up from a deep, restful sleep. Hitting the snooze only returns you to a lighter state of sleep. It is not restful and can actually make you more tired for the rest of the day

Instead of hitting snooze, set the alarm for when you actually intend to get up. For example, do not set the alarm for 8:30 so you can have the satisfaction of turning off the alarm only to get up at 8:45. Set the alarm for 8:45, sleep deeper for 15 extra minutes, and then get up without hitting snooze. This way, you’ll start the day with more energy and tranquility. 

Get Up Two Hours Early

People typically calculate their alarm based on how much time it might take them to get up and get to work. This doesn’t actually allow any time for a morning routine. Plan to be up 2 hours before you’re expected somewhere. Allow your morning routine to unfold at a leisurely pace – shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, meditate, walk the dog, and whatever else you decide without trying to cram things in before you rush out the door. 

 If your commute itself would take up most of that time, then adjust accordingly and give just your routine that dedicated time. You’ll find yourself more ready to face the commute as well.

Drink A Glass Of Water As Soon As You Get Out Of Bed 

It has been recommended to drink a tall glass of water upon waking. During the night we tend to get dehydrated without even realizing it. Drinking a glass of water when you wake up is a way to restore energy, curb hunger, and start refreshed.  

If you think that you’re just not one of those people who have a glass of water on their bedside table then try it! Remember our cure for becoming a morning person? Even if you aren’t typically thirsty when you wake up, just having the glass of water ready will see your hand reaching to take one sip and then another. 

Make Your Bed Immediately 

At Amalia Home Collection, we love a made bed. Not only does it let your expertly chosen bed linen patterns and colors shine, but it also creates a visually clean look that will reflect in your mind’s eye. It’s important to feel everything in the right place as we leave for the day so we can have a more organized mind and, consequently, a more organized life.

Also, when we’re having one of those bad days in the office, it’s a comfortable and relaxing idea to know that our bed is freshly made at home, waiting for us.

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Prepare A Healthy Breakfast

The golden rule to have a great morning routine is simple: never skip breakfast! It has been proven to leave you feeling more tired throughout the day when you fail to kickstart your metabolism.

When preparing your breakfast, stay away from heavily processed or sugary foods like donuts, other pastries, or microwavable breakfast foods at all costs! It doesn’t have to look like granola and eggs, but find whole grain, fruit, and protein that you like, for example, yogurt, smoothie, or nuts.

Do Some Morning Exercises

Move your body first thing in the morning and you’ll tap into an energy reserve for the rest of the day. We suggest 20 pushups, a brief walk around the block, yoga in your living room, or a gentle 10-minute jog on your treadmill. 

Forget the idea that exercise needs to be long or in a gym. It only takes a small amount to start your working day feeling energized, stronger and stress-free. You’ll feel like there’s nothing you can’t do! 

Stay Off The Internet

We all know how the distracting effect of the internet, social media in particular. If you don’t want to be late for work, we recommend staying off the internet first thing in the morning. Don’t use your phone and laptop until you’ve done everything you need to do to get ready. Tell yourself that you won’t check social media until you’re at work then stick to it! 

Besides being distracting, what you see on social media can upset you and affect your mood for the rest of the day. Often people feel worse about themselves looking at social media posts as you’re likely to compare yourself to others. It’s your choice to avoid this route, so choose to ignore the internet for just a little longer in the mornings and preserve a healthy routine.

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