At Amalia Home Collection, we work with the finest materials. Our craftsmanship is a reason for great pride, so we thought we would write a few lines about how to keep our exquisite towels and bathrobes at their very best. Read on and browse our towel collection.


Avoid Detergent Accumulation and Do Several Loads

Unless your towels are visibly dirty, you don’t need a large quantity of detergent to guarantee their hygiene and cleanliness. One of the reasons why towels stiffen with time is because of an accumulation of soapy residue. If you cut back on detergent, this will take longer to happen or may not happen at all.

The easiest way to wash towels is to just use warm water which dissolves detergent better. Another way to achieve this is to add the towels a couple of minutes after the washing cycle has already started to dilute the soap before soaking it.

Also, if the towels don’t have enough room to comfortably spread and get fluffy, they will never feel as good. This goes for both the washer and the dryer. Spread your towels over several loads so they have room to fluff up and stay soft.


Simple Hacks for Keeping Towels Fluffy

If you wish to keep your towels fluffy, add half a cup of baking soda to your washing. Baking soda will soften tissues, help clean up chemical build-ups, and fight any musty odors that may occur.

A second simple towel-fluffing hack is to use a tennis ball. This may sound silly, but having a tennis ball bouncing around in the washing machine will keep your towels from bunching up and will naturally remove lumps.


Don’t Air-dry Your Towels


Air-drying is the best, right? It is a natural way with no artificial tinkering and the smell of clothes gets from the sun. What is not to love? However, towels don’t like this. This is due to the physics of water molecules, that adhere to the cotton fibers of the terry cloth in a way that imitates glue. This makes air-dried towels stiff and harsh.

If you don’t have a dryer, however, there are a couple of tricks you can still use to work around this effect:

  • Add ¼ of a cup of vinegar to your washing. There should be no odor with such low quantities, but if you do smell it you can use essential oils to fix it.
  • Don’t keep them on the clothesline a second more than necessary. The longer they air dry, the worse.
  • Keep them over a heat vent in the winter, for this same reason.


Amalia Home Collection are Home Experts

If you enjoyed this article, then you must also know that the most important factor here is the quality of the product itself. If you have poor towels or bathrobes, made with weak raw materials and poor craftsmanship, you can use all our tricks and still end up with an itchy scratchy towel.

Instead, our towels are extremely lightweight, masterfully crafted in combed cotton, and make an excellent choice to match with all designs of our beautiful bed linen collection. Visit our online store right now, and make a change for the better.