1. Forte do Paço beach – Viana do Castelo

This amazing beach is located in district of Viana do Castelo in Portugal’s north-western. Here, you can find a secular monument called “Forte” that gives the name to the beach. The “Forte’”, now in ruins, confers to the beach a unique landscape view. The entire course of the beach is pleasantly done through wooden walkways that plunge into the beach. The beach accommodations are very good in regard to toilets and parking. Also we need to tell you that  there is no beach bar or cafe here, so bring a picnic.

2. Dunas de São Jacinto beach – Aveiro

Inserted in a protected landscape of the Natural Reserve of the Dunes of São Jacinto, on one side offers the rough sea, on the other the calm waters of the Aveiro River. It’s difficult to access the beach, because to get to the beach it’s necessary to take a boat or a ferryboat. It’s this difficulty that makes the beach so fantastic! Being a mixture of calm waters with great waves, it is the perfect place for families with varied tastes and different motivations.

3. Adraga Beach – Sintra

The Sintra hills, half an hour or so north of Lisbon, hide the magnificent Adraga beach. Inserted in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, this beach have many rocks arching into the sea. The rocks in the sand providence a really cool spot to put the towel and rest in the hottest summer days. The beach has parking, pedestrian access, walkways in the sand, toilets adapted for the handicapped, wheelchairs, distress, shower and restaurant.

4. Senhora da Rocha Beach – Algarve

This beach is located a 30-minute drive east of Portimão and is flanked by cliffs.
In one of the greatest rocks there is a tunnel excavated in the rock that connects the Senhora da Rocha Beach with the Praia Nova Beach. Protected by the great cliffs, this beach is excellent for fishermen and also for tourists on windiest days.

5. Ponta da Ferraria Beach – São Miguel

This beach is used, since the fifteenth century, for spa or therapeutic bathing. With warm water when the tide is low, this beach is clarified as a fantastic masterpiece of nature. The beach lies between the rocks formations that have crystallised from the cooling lava, and that’s why the rocks are black. It’s also for this reason that the water is hot. Sometimes it becomes difficult to swim, and you have to be careful because the sea is very rough.

When you are looking for a different and unique beach destination, remember of these Portuguese natural beauties.

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