We have decided to give you a glimpse of some of Portugal’s top places to visit for snow:


1. Parque Natural do Alvão

The Northeast corner of Portugal is a place called Trás-os-montes. Loosely translated, it means “behind the mountains.” Nowadays, it is quite accessible, with modern freeways crisscrossing across the hills and guaranteeing fast and easy passage.

But this was not always the case.

This longtime inaccessibility has kept many of the majestic natural scenery of the Alvão National Park almost untouched. In winter, the snow completely covers large swathes of greenery, and the natural wonders make it entirely worth the trip.

It is also where the Fisgas do Ermelo waterfall is located. It is a stunning sight, stuck between massive rocky formations. This waterfall inspired Miguel Torga, one of Portugal’s most significant 20th Century writers, to describe it as such:

“Here I lean, over the cliff that leads to the Fisgas, my ankles tightly secured by friends because of vertigo. This is how to enjoy this mixture of terror and awe properly.”


2. Peneda-Gerês and Montalegre

Peneda-Gerês is another national park and perhaps the most gorgeous in the country. You can explore it by car or take one of the many designated hiking trails marked on the park map.

Take extra precaution not to get lost since the park is massive and mostly unexplored.

In winter, snow completely takes over most of the park. To see the white blanket cover the greenery entirely is one of the most spectacular sights you will ever see.

Right outside the park, you will find the town of Montalegre, an ancient Portuguese village, almost on the border with Spain. Its most important sight is, of course, its medieval castle.

In the winter, a medieval castle covered in snow will transport you back in time.


3. Serra da Estrela

The clear answer sight on this list is Portugal’s snowiest snowy peaks, the Serra da Estrela, or, loosely translated, “Star Mountain Range.” It includes mainland Portugal’s highest point at 6538 feet (1,993 meters) with an elevated sightseeing tower. It is covered in white bliss almost the entire winter.

It is a massive tourist draw during winter, with skiing, snowboarding, and plenty of hospitality choices to be had in the areas of the national park.

Something that is of particular interest in Serra da Estrela, aside from the snow, is its food. In Covilhã, Seia, and a few other small towns and villages scattered along with the mountain range, you will find some specialty dishes worth the trip, such as traditional beef and lamb stews. It is also an essential reference for Queijo da Serra (mountain range cheese), probably the most delicious and celebrated Portuguese cheeses.


4. Serra da Penha

Okay, to be fair, it does not make snow in Serra da Penha every winter. It only happens a few days a year if we’re lucky. But since the Amalia Home Collection family is from Guimarães, and we think it looks beautiful when it does snow. See for yourself!


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