1. Make sure that your baby is comfortable

When your baby is not feeling quite well, the only way he has to communicate with you is through crying. Your baby can be ill or having issues like teething, gas, or feeling bad after having the vaccinations.

It is also important for you to check if your baby is at the right temperature – not too hot or too cold. Check if he needs a warmer pajama or if he is wearing  too many clothes.

2. Help your baby creating a schedule

It’s important to help your baby understanding the difference between night and day. Babies spend nine months without seeing the light of the day, so they don’t understand the sleeping cycles and the difference between night and day.

A newborn need plenty of sleep (between 16-18 hours) and you should let him sleep during the day. What you need to do is help to create a schedule. Make it easier for your little one to know that there is a difference.

Keep your baby’s days bright and his nights dark and make also sure you change him into some daytime clothes in the morning and have PJ’s for the night time.

3. Use white noise

Your baby is used to sound. Noise is good for babies, because it reminds them that people are there and they feel more comfortable. They’ll love the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner, and even people talking about them. This is because of the time spent in the womb. Inside your body is not a quiet place and also your baby could hear you talking and singing. No noise is a strange and frightening concept.

So, you need to have some white noise in the background. You can get some MP3 downloaded onto your phone and leave that nearby.

4. Let your baby know that it’s not time to play

Be firm about the fact that nighttime is not the time to play. Try not to look your baby in the eye, because babies are easily stimulated.

Just meeting your baby’s gaze can engage his attention and tell him that it’s playtime. Keep your gaze on his belly and soothe his back to sleep with a quiet voice and gentle touch.

5. Relax the rules on diaper changes

There is no need to change your baby every time he wakes up, you’ll just jostle him awake. Instead, the best idea is to put your baby in a high-quality, nighttime diaper at bedtime. When he wakes up, change the diaper only if there’s poop.

6. Feed your baby with the right amount of food

To know the right timings for feeding and the right amount of food for your baby it’s not an easy task.

The trick is not to give him so much that he’s overly full and uncomfortable, but to give him enough so that he’s satisfied and not hungry before bed.

If you start following this 6 tips the nights might be easier from now on for you and your baby. Make also sure that your baby has the most comfortable and the best quality bed linen. Check our store.