1. Get enough sleep

The first and most important thing that you should do is to make sure that you get enough good-quality sleep. Don’t get enough sleep deeply affects our health inside and out. When you feel tempted to stay awake a little bit longer, remember how important it is that you go to bed in time. If you don’t, that will be reflected in your skin.

At night is when your body recover itself from everything it went through during the day. It’s when it gets the restoration and repair it needs. Make sure you’ve a healthy sleep routine, that it’s dark in your room, and that you’ve a comfortable bed and atmosphere. These will help you to get a good night’s sleep.

2. Don’t go to sleep with your makeup on

No matter how lazy you’re feeling, remember that taking off your makeup is something that you should be doing everyday. Removing all your makeup is vital if you want to take good care of your skin overnight.

If you fall asleep at night with your makeup on, your skin won’t have the chance to recover and won’t be looking healthy and vibrant when you wake up in the morning. So, going to sleep with your makeup on is a big no-no!

3. Use a nourishing moisturizer

During the day, we avoid some heavier moisturizers because we’re concerned about how they wear under our makeup. That type of moisturizers might not be a good option for the day, but we have the perfect opportunity to use them during the night, in our beauty sleep.

If you’re not sure about which moisturizers may be better for your skin, you can look for a professional opinion from a dermatologist.

4. Change your pillowcase regularly

Sleeping on the same pillowcase one night after night can allow bacteria to grow on your pillow. It’s very important for your health and for your skin that you regularly change your pillowcases or washing your pillow.

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5. Change and launder your sheets often

Ideally you should change your sheets every 7 to 10 days. The reason? As you sleep, your body naturally sheds dead skin cells, which accumulate in your bed linens eventually exacerbating and leading to new breakouts. Regularly washing your sheets eliminates that skin-clogging debris.

This way, your skin will be resting in a clean place and look radiant in the morning and you’ll have the joy of climbing into a bed freshly made with crisp sheets! It’s a win win situation.

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