1. Have a walk in the Nature

Are you a nature person or a city person? If you’re a nature person, we don’t even need to give you this suggestion, because of course that you’ll spend as much time as you can in the nature. But, and we’re talking to you city persons, if you don’t have the habit of going for walks in the Nature, you can change that this spring!

Going for a walk in the Nature is one of our favorite spring activities. It’s also one of the healthier ones, physically and mentally. We recommend you to give it a try!

2. Go to a festival

With the good weather come the festivals season! If you’re wondering what you can do to enjoy your free time this spring, search for the festivals near you: food festivals, music festivals, you choose!

Each year there are a lot of new and interesting festivals for you to go to. You just have to find the ones that suit you. Invite your friends to go with you, and enjoy yourself!

3. Go for a bicycle ride

Do you have a bicycle? Now that the nice spring days are coming, we suggest you to go for a ride in your bicycle and enjoy the fresh air on your face. We guarantee that you’ll feel instantly relaxed. You’ll feel that you’re leaving the worries behind.

You can go for a bicycle ride in the city or in the nature. The important thing is that you’ll be outside, enjoying a healthy activity.

4. Plant something 

Not many of us can say that they have ever plant something. This spring, we dare you to try! To feel connected with the nature is one of the most relaxing feelings we can experience. The activity of planting, to help generating new life and to feel the dirt in our hands it’s a unique experience everyone should have.

If you don’t know where to start it, you can ask for a experienced friend to help you out!

5. Have lunch near the beach

Most of us feel more relaxed near the ocean! That why we so often choose beach destination for our spring and summer vacations. Many studies even say that people who happens to live near the ocean tend to live a healthier life.

We shouldn’t minimize the impact that a day in the beach can have in our mood and health. We suggest for you to include a lunch near the beach in your spring planning.

6. Have a picnic

Who doesn’t love a wonderful picnic in a garden or a park? This spring, prepare a delicious meal and invite your loved ones to a relaxing picnic.

You can take a camera, a deck of cards and a good book to enjoy your day. Kids will also love a different day, far from the screens. You can choose one of our lovely throws to take with you in your picnic.

7. Take a late afternoon walk

The late afternoon is one of the best parts of the spring days! Even during the work week, when you leave the office, you can go take a walk and enjoy the soft light of this time of the day. If you have the chance to pass through a lovely garden or a beautiful park it can be even better!

Trust us that by the time you arrive home, you’ll feel so much more relaxed.

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