Regarding beauty hacks, bedding probably isn’t the first thing that pops to your head. Still, the secret to brighter skin, silkier hair and overall healthier sleep might just rely on where you rest at night.

The dense weave of the silky-smooth fibers, as well as its natural protein and essential amino acids make bed linen containing silk a terrific option to invest in. Naturally hypoallergenic, Mulberry silk is known as the finest type of silk available in the world.

According to bloggers, dermatologists and beauty experts, sleeping on silk has health and beauty benefits that will help you wake fresh and rejuvenated. Keep reading to find out if it’s time to add a touch of silk to your bed.


Non-frizzy hair

So long, bad hair days! The anti-static qualities in the silk fabric can also prevent hair from knotting, meaning it becomes less prone to tangles and creases. Your blow dry and hair extensions will last longer too!

When you use a silk pillowcase, hair will easily slide over the soft material, resulting in smoother, healthier hair and preventing split ends. No more “bed head”!



Studies have shown that the composition of silk can counter the effects of ageing, especially in the facial skin, and can help calm the nervous system. Thus, it speeds up the metabolism of skin cells.

Silk feels smooth and soft on the skin. It will not absorb natural moisture, consequently allowing for a more efficient use of night creams. This results in clearer, luminous skin – and we all know hydrated skin cells show fewer lines and wrinkles than dry skin.


Protected eyelashes

When your head rests on other fabrics, your eyes are pressed up for much of the night. A pillowcase that includes silk helps keeping fragile eyelashes more intact, ultimately reducing eyelash breakage. It can be especially valuable for those who wear lash extensions.


Temperature regulator

Silk naturally regulates body temperature throughout the night. Sheets containing silk keep you comfortably cool and dry in the summer and cozy in the winter. Because it is very breathable, this fabric is also recommended by women health experts to alleviate menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats.


More health benefits

As a naturally hypoallergenic fiber, it is the best option for dry or itchy skin and eczema patients. Especially if you have sensitive skin, stay away from synthetic fibers and wools that may cause irritation. Nonetheless, be aware of unrealistic claims! While silk has incredible benefits, it is not going to pass “miracle” nutrients into your skin.


Cleaner bedding

Silk sheets are also among the top bedding choice for asthmatics. Most bedding items accumulate common indoor allergens during everyday use, besides containing chemical ingredients and finishes from manufacturing.

There are significant health benefits from sleeping on ‘cleaner’ bedding. On that note, silk fibers optimize your quality of sleep. Experts have discovered that house and dust mites will not live in silk, so allergy sufferers can really benefit from sleeping on silk bed linen.


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It feels amazing to take care of yourself, even so while sleeping! In the long run, the benefits of bedding containing silk make it an investment for your wellbeing.


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Benefits of Silk for Hair, Skin and Sleep
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