1. Eye Mask

We all understand the awful consequences of a bad night’s sleep. Lacking sleep can affect both our physical and mental health, and make us less productive at work.

Eye masks, also known as sleep masks, are an affordable, natural way to help us get to sleep faster. The eye mask also help us to stay asleep, protecting us from the light.

They’re typically made from fabric that is intended to cover both eyes, keeping all incoming light away from our eyes and to help induce a state of pure darkness. When your brain senses pure darkness, it causes the production of melatonin, the chemical of sleep.

They can be the perfect gift for a friend who doesn’t fall asleep easily, or for a friend who loves to sleep for many hours without interruptions. People who sleep regularly during the day, such as nurses or other shift workers can benefit greatly by using them.

2. A comfortable robe

The right robe, made from premium materials, can make all the difference in the way you feel at home. There are few things more comfortable than stay cosy in home in a comfortable robe. 

Even during the work week, a robe can be essential for the moments before going to bed and in the morning, before leaving to work. It can protect us from getting a cold, and help us feel relaxed during the moments that we have for ourselves at home. 

A good-quality and beautiful designed robe, can make a luxurious gift for someone special.

3. Tea pack

Tea has been used as a healthy elixir by everyone from monks in Southeast Asia and the ancient Greeks to the British monarchy and South American spiritual gurus.

For this reason, we can say that Tea is one of the most versatile drinks in the world, offering an infinite number of health benefits.

Some types of tea can help you to wake up in the morning, working as a replacement for coffee. But other types of tea help ensure that you get a better night’s sleep. With naturally calming sedative effects, these nighttime teas can help to deal with sleep disorders such as insomnia and ensure higher sleep quality.

A special and good-quality tea pack with a lot of different flavors and a beautiful packaging can make the ideal gift for a tea lover or for someone who needs tea to relax before going to sleep.

4. Travel pillow

Everyone who travels knows how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep when flying. We hate to feel our neck is flopping around like a bobblehead doll.

If you have a friend who spends a good deal of time in the air, a comfy-but-easily-packable neck pillow can be a great gift to keep him or her well rested on a plane. It might not be the most fancy gift in the world, but it will be, without a doubt, a very useful and healthier one.

5. Luxury Bedding 

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Our bedding collections personify the best European quality and craftsmanship and make the perfect luxurious gift for a special occasion, mixing beauty and comfort. 

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