1. Dry every towel before use them

It is very important wash and dry every towel before use them. Most of them are subjected to silicone treatments during production. Washing towels helps to remove that silicone finishes and make them softer. 

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2. Use vinegar 

To set the towels colors, use vinegar with ½ of recommended amount of detergent and warm water in the first washings. That process helps set the colors and removes the excess of detergent residue.

3. Don’t use fabric softener

Not many people know that they shouldn’t use fabric softener in the washes, because this product reduces the absorption of towels. Waxy buildup from softeners can deteriorate the towel fibers over time and make them look old and ugly. 

4. Don’t wash your towels with other clothes 

You shouldn’t wash your towels with other clothes or with other very different colored towels. In addition to the threads of the towel cloth being able to be pulled by clothing accessories, this will also avoid those nasty colored stains on your bath towels.

5. Shake your towels after wash them

Give your towels a little shake after wash them. This will open the fibre and help the absorption. Beware of the way the towel hangs to dry, because in case of too much bending, the bacteria will develop quickly even on the washed towels.

6. Don’t iron 

Don’t iron the towels because it will stiffen them, and will destroy the fibers. Also make sure the towel is really dry when you remove them from the dryer, to avoid the avoid mildew and consequently the bad smell in the towels and in the house.

7. Wash towels every three days

Wash towels every three days. Don’t leave them in the bathroom until the next bath to reused them. It can be very practical however the bathroom is a rather humid place and is also where you make your physiological needs. So, the best option is to leave it to dry on the balcony until the next use. 

With this 7 simple tips, you can make sure that your towels will last longer, with a perfect look and the best smell possible!

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