How important is thread count?

Thread count is very important. In fact, it’s often used as the barometer of the best bed sheets’ smoothness and durability. However, this measurement—which should refer to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric—isn’t the most important thing to consider. High thread count is a factor, but the type of cotton can be more significant.

Amalia Home Collection – Luxury Sheets 400 Thread Count Percale, 100% Egyptian Cotton™ Long-Staple


What’s The Best-Quality Cotton?

Top-of-the-line is, without a doubt, 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is the world’s finest cotton because of its unique characteristics. Luxury sheets made of Egyptian cotton are softer, finer and more durable than any other in the world.  

Search for the certification: everyone from the farmer in Egypt to the retailer you shop with must be approved to carry the Egyptian Cotton™ logo. It is a mark of genuine, unmatched quality.   

image of luxury sheeting in Egyptian-Cotton from amalia home collection
Amalia Home Collection – Egyptian-Cotton sheets


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What’s Better, Percale or Sateen?

In fact, the right answer is neither. It’s simply a matter of taste. Percale is a plain, matte weave that has a crisp, cool feel, so it may be sensible for people who tend to get overheated when they sleep.

Sateen is slightly heavier and very soft, with a lustrous, smooth finish that’s almost satiny—hence the name. If you’re not sure which one do you prefer, look for fabric swatches on display for a touch test.

Amalia Home Collection – 430TC Sateen Fitted
Amalia Home Collection – 400TC Percale Fitted


Test it out

Many stores will have sample sets that are out of their packaging. Notice how the fabric feels against your skin. If it’s itchy or rough in the store, it will be uncomfortable in your bed, too. Testing is the best way to be sure of the perfect luxury bed sheet set for your taste.

Choose High Quality

Premium bed sheets are more expensive but must been seen as an investment. Beside the fact that they will last longer, maintaining their quality and softness, they’ll make you feel more comfortable every night.

If you sleep better at night, you’ll be, feel and look healthier during the day. Remember also that sheets are the part of bedding that is more in contact with your skin during hours and hours everyday. So it’s very important that you have high quality and soft fabrics that’ll protect your skin.

Our bedding collections 

Discover our beautiful luxury bedding collections in linen or 100% cotton. Our products are Egyptian Cotton™ certified. Find out more about our certifications and visit our USA storeContact us if you’re a retailer.

Amalia Home Collection – Luxury Bedding
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Amalia Home Collection – Linen Sheets