Luxury Bedding Means Better Sleep

We’ve all heard the sleeping tips surrounding our lifestyle, diet, technology, lighting, stress, and so on. Great sleep itself is also linked to many health benefits such as helping you feel refreshed mentally, giving your body a chance to rebuild damaged tissue, strengthening your immune system, and relaxing tense muscles. In addition, according to a National Sleep Foundation (NSF) survey, 9 out of 10 Americans believe quality bedding is necessary for truly restful slumber. Why is that?

The bedding we choose deeply affects our sleep and our ability to stay comfortable during the night. Luxury bedding helps you to sleep better at night to ensure that you awaken feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to face the day ahead with breathable, soft fabric that lulls you into a deep sleep.

Choosing The Right Fabrics

Today, many fabrics, especially those used for bedding, are often made out of synthesized materials. On top of that, they’re often treated with harsh chemicals or additives that can leach into your skin, causing irritation or even allergic reactions. When you spend one-third of your life in bed, you want to make sure that the surface where you lie down is not only comfortable but safe

People with sensitive skin or eczema in particular often see improvements when they make the switch to certificated fabrics, such as Oeko-Tex, which guarantees a degree of quality and safety. Search for the Oeko-Tex label when shopping for textiles. The label “Confidence in Textiles” is supplemented by the certification of environmentally friendly production facilities according to Oeko-Tex Standard 1000 and by the product label Oeko-Tex Standard 100 plus for products tested for harmful substances from environmentally friendly production.

When we talk about luxury bedding, the most frequently used fabrics are linen and cotton. Each of these fibers brings its own natural beauty and attributes to create a winning combination. Cotton is resilient and soft to the touch, while linen is smooth and fluid. Both fabrics are very comfortable and breathable. These two materials have always been used through history, due to their versatility and in some cultures were even valued the way we value precious stones and metals.

Regarding the thread count, sleep experts recommend staying in 400-500 thread count range. Anything higher than that is a manipulation of fabric or involves synthetic finishes which will eventually wear out.

Choose The Right Colors

Besides the quality of the fabrics, the next obvious influence to your decision is the color or pattern. It is proven that some colors have a soothing effect on us while others seem to make us feel more anxious. In one study, people reported having better rest in a blue room versus purple room. Blue is known in color therapy as the most powerful color to convey calm, while purple tends to stimulate our brain.

The trick is to find the color that makes you feel calmer and use it in your bedroom decor, especially in your bed linen, in order to create a relaxing oasis for you.

Amalia Home Collection – Luxury Bedding

Protect Your Skin

Our bedding is against our skin every night, so it’s very important to think about the quality of the textiles.  For centuries, Egyptian Cotton has been considered the best in the world. With so many hours pressed up against your skin, it’s important to choose your pillowcases, sheets, and duvet covers the same way you choose a luxury skin care product since that’s what your bedding essentially is!

Bed linens that provide good sleep are also linked to a fast metabolism, improved memory, and concentration, and higher levels of creativity.

Wash Your Bedding Regularly 

Studies show that those of us who pride themselves on getting good sleep make their bed, clean sheets, and ensure they have a comfortable mattress. Wash new sheets at least twice before sleeping on them since a lot of times packaging can cause irritants to get on them. 

After initial washings, you should wash your bedding at least once every two weeks. Besides collecting dust, your bedding accumulates a fair share of sweat and dead skin cells. Clean bedding improves your personal and sleep hygiene. It’s also a great feeling to climb into a freshly made bed with clean sheets!

Invest In New Bedding

When was the last time you invested in new sheets or a new pillow anyway? While changing mattresses every 7 years is a great idea, it is also recommended to purchase new bedding every 2 years.

Why is this important? Because fabrics and feathers are great dust collectors on the microscopic level. Most of us suffer from allergies and if you’ve noticed your allergies or allergy-like symptoms worsening, now you know that it is time to upgrade your sheets.

Amalia Home Collection – Luxury Bedding

Amalia Home Collection – Luxury Bedding Made in Portugal

Since 1922, the Amalia Home Collection has been developing and producing luxurious and artistic home textiles, made in Portugal, and inspired by the Portuguese culture and its beautiful landscapes. Four generations of knowledge continually producing high-quality bed linen have come together to bring you the ultimate in home bed linen luxury

Discover our beautiful and certified bedding collections in linen or 100% cotton. Our products are Oeko-Tex® and Egyptian Cotton™ certified. Find out more about our certifications and visit our USA store. Contact us if you’re a retailer.

Amalia Home Collection – Luxury Bedding