Comfort in all seasons

If you lie down on comfortable linen sheets in winter, you will feel pleasantly warm due to the fact that this fabric is highly heat-recuperating. In summer time, the linen cools the body, making it feel pleasantly fresh. This is because the linen fiber is hollow and allows air to circulate, even if it is retained. Because of that, the linen is the best material to have in our beds all year, the perfect material for luxury bed linen. 


Linen is, without doubt, the most resistant natural fiber. Is much thicker than cotton, which allows it to last many more years. Therefore the investment in a piece of linen will have a return on durability. It is also for this reason that the pieces of linen are often left as inheritance. 

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Trend: Linen – Amalia Home Collection luxury bedding

Properties for Health

Since linen dries more quickly, it doesn’t  allow bacteria to accumulate in the cloth, so that make that very healthy. Using linen home fabrics, you’ll can say goodbye to the germs in your house! Linen is one of the most used materials in premium home textiles.

Sustainable luxury textiles

Linen is one of the greenest fabrics in the world! This plant can grow on poor quality soils and requires less water than other plants, such as cotton. The linen plant is fully used from the production of linseed oil to food for livestock. Another advantage is to be totally biodegradable. So when you dispose of the cloth, it will not cause damage to the environment.  

Good Looking

The linen has a characteristic look that makes it more special than the other materials. The thicker, porous fabric allows it to be dyed with vivid colors which can make the bedding very cozy and beautiful.

Trend: Linen – Amalia Home Collection luxury bedding


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In addition to these qualities, it is important to note that linen does not stain easily! Therefore, in addition to being a highly regarded product, it is still easy to maintain.

Think again the next time you buy textiles for your home, whether it’s towels or bedding sets, linen is the best option for luxury home textiles.

Trend: Linen – Amalia Home Collection luxury bedding


Amalia Home Collection – European luxury bedding

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Trend: Linen – Amalia Home Collection luxury bedding