The Makings of Portuguese Azulejo
As one of the key aspects of Portuguese cultural identity, Amalia Home Collection tries to bring the aesthetic sensibility of our forebears to every product. There is a distinctive Portuguese…
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Bringing Portuguese Heritage to the Big Apple
Amalia Home Collection is joining forces with the designers Bainha de Copas and Pestana Group to bring a Portuguese feel to the city of cities. Right in the beating heart…
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How To
Where To Buy Luxury Bed Linen
Every day, consumers are increasingly more conscientious of what they buy, where it comes from, and the value of their purchase. We want our product choices to be eco-friendly, durable,…
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5 Reasons why Linen is a Luxury
Linen is one of the oldest and most desirable fabrics materials in history. This fabric was often associated with durability and richness. Even today, linen is widely used in the…
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