How does it work?

First of all, it’s important to understand that sounds preferences depends on each individual.  Relaxing sounds like waves crashing on the rocks or the wind blowing in the trees can make someone fall asleep quickly, but for for other person can be a annoying sound that keeps her awake all night. But, in general, listening to the nature sounds is the best way to relax because these sounds are familiar, predictable, rhythmic and create beautiful images on our mind, helping our brain to relax.


Waves sounds

The top 1 of choices for soothing sleep sounds is clearly the waves sound. The rhythmic crashing of water can be meditative, leading us to a extremely calm state of mind. It’s not a coincidence that so many people look for holidays near the sea and love being on the beach. Many studies talk about the importance of our relation with the ocean in our emotional balance. It is even believed that people who lives close to the beach have a better life quality and less health issues than the people who don’t.

Other water sounds

Other water sounds like the rain, the rivers or waterfalls can calm us down after a long day at work. The most important relaxing characteristic of the water sound is the gentle and gradual variations in the intensity of their moving. The human being always have had a very deep and strong relation with water, so this calming effect feels very natural to us.

Nature Sounds

The sounds of the nature can be deeply soothing, calming the brain and nervous system activity. Listening nature noises can help us resting, decreasing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Relaxing sounds like birds singing and the wind blowing take us away from the sounds of the city and from our thoughts about work.

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Listen to Portugal 

Portugal is a country that pleases everyone: city lovers, nature lovers, history lovers and beach lovers. With Amalia Home Collection Gallery of Sounds from Portugal, you can incorporate this richness into your sleep and wellness routines. You can also share it with the ones you love. Each category of sounds also comes with a unique bedtime story about the places where sounds are from. Change the way you sleep!

image of amalia home collection sleep and relaxing sounds gallery