Our Roots

The roots of Amalia Home Collection can be traced back several generations to the 1920s when some of the original mills of northern Portugal began to manufacture products that personified European quality and craftsmanship. The company grew in size as the founders grew bolder with their craft; they were amongst the first to have an embroidery machine in 1963 and a computer as early as 1969.  Similarly today, many of the same methods and techniques used for decades are combined with modern innovation, resulting in a luxurious high-end product

Who was Amalia?

The name Amalia was inspired by Maria Amalia, the beloved great-grandmother of António Coelho Lima, one of the creators of Amalia Home Collection. The name Amalia is also deeply connected to the Portuguese soul, because it belongs to one of the most iconic and beloved characters that the country ever had: Amalia Rodrigues the iconic Fado singer

Through this traditional Portuguese musical art form, she touched the hearts of many across the world. Amalia wasn’t afraid of going all the way. She didn’t just wear her heart on her sleeve; she put her entire soul out there. And she didn’t mind wailing about it all in the typical style of Fado, using her own poems as lyrics. Our collections embody all that soul, love, and beauty

Picture of Maria Amalia

From Portugal, With Love

Our luxurious bedding collections are inspired by the Portuguese culture and its beautiful landscapes. From the coastline to the countryside, from the cobblestone streets to the rolling hills, from the rooms of a beautiful palace to the Atlantic ocean’s deep blue, each design brings a little piece of Portugal to every home.

Our history has taken the family from the countryside of Portugal to big cities in England and now to the wide shores of America, but our soul forever speaks to our home. Worldwide, “Made in Portugal” is a symbol of quality and reliability. The purchase of one of our products not only implies quality with our Oeko-Tex® and Egyptian Cotton™ Gold Seal certified products but also indicate that it was made in a socially and ecologically responsible environment. 

Amalia Home Collection is the future of our company as new generations continue to bridge the past and present into something timeless. 

Amalia Home Collection Luxury Bedding – Aveiro, Portugal

Amalia Home Collection – European Luxury Bedding

Discover our beautiful and certified bedding collections in linen or 100% cotton. Find out more about our certifications and visit our USA store. Contact us if you’re a retailer to learn how to carry our products. 

Amalia Home Collection – European Luxury Bedding