Linen textiles are some of the oldest textiles in the whole world, dating back thousands of years. Linen comes from the flax plant and the use of this plant is believed to date back to approximately 8000 BC. Cotton comes from the cotton plant and its use has been around since prehistoric times.

While both textiles come from natural plant fibers (cellulose), there are many differences between them. The term “linens” can colloquially refer to any household good, but this should not be confused with linen fabric.

Texture and Strength

When we touch a piece of cotton, we immediately feel the soft touch of the material, this is why we often prefer it to other materials. Besides the softness, the cotton is breathable and retains the heat more easily.

Linen, on the other hand, has a tougher touch initially, but it softens over the years. Due to harshness, this material lasts many years and can pass even from generation to generation.

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Amalia Home Collection – Luxury Bedding
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Amalia Home Collection – Egyptian-Cotton sheets

Health Benefits

The linen is hypoallergenic, so it is the best choice of bed linen for those who have sensitive skin, or suffer from some kind of allergy. It will greatly reduce the causes of allergic reactions because it is highly breathable and does not allow germs to accumulate. The cotton absorbs heat more effectively, but the linen is adaptable to the type of weather. So it is a bed linen that can be used all the year.

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Amalia Home Collection – Linen Sheets

Environmental Sustainability

When it comes to environment sustainability, linen is the most environmentally friendly option. This is because, although both materials come from plants, the linen plant is very resistant and needs few water and fertilizers to grow. In addition, all components of the plant are used to produce many other biodegradable products.

image of a linen luxury bedding of amalia home collection
Amalia Home Collection – Luxury Bed Linen

Plus more, linen is more expensive as it is almost considered a luxury piece, but in turn, it is more resilient. The usual linen color is natural, unlike cotton that can be found in a large number of colors and patterns.


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Each fiber brings its own natural beauty and attributes and, together, they are a winning combination. Cotton is resilient and soft to the touch, while linen is smooth and fluid. Both fabrics are very comfortable and breathable. If you are looking for high-quality bedding with the soft and smooth property of nature’s fibers, either one would be a great choice!

Linen or cotton bedding are perfect for a luxurious gift for a wedding or anniversary and are never out out of fashion.

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