What is the origin of the Azulejos?

The Azulejos date as far back as the 13th century, when the Moors invaded the land that now belongs to Spain and Portugal. Although many assume assume the word is a derivation of “azul” (the Portuguese word for blue), the truth origin of the word is Arabic and comes from “az-zulayj” which translates as “polished stone”.

After a visit to Seville in 1503,  the King Manuel I of Portugal introduced these techniques into Portugal, applying them on walls and using them for paving floors.

Where can we find them?

You can find them everywhere in Portugal: decorating churches, palaces, houses, park seats, fountains, and even shops. Some of the most famous sites known for their azulejo art include the SãoBento Railway Station in Porto and many stops in the Lisbon Subway

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The next time you visit Portugal, pay attention to the beautiful Azulejos around you.