Clear Out The Clutter

The easiest way to feel the breeze in any room is to declutter the space. Things like rugs or carpet actually generate heat as they are meant to insulate. Roll them up and put them away along with other non-summer decorations. And don’t forget to change thick curtains as well; no daydream of a Mediterranean getaway is complete without light curtains blowing in the breeze. 

Even the inside of your closet can influence your summer vibes. Heavy winter coats and sweaters should be allocated to a separate box or chest so that all you see are light summer clothes – summer dresses, tops, skirts, sandals, and hats. 

All this creates space and transparency which allows trapped air to move around, transforming your quarters into a summer respite. If your bedroom is bright, fresh and breezy, then you will naturally sleep easily.

Choose Light Colors

Opaque, saturated, and dark colors are a black hole of heat that, while nice in the winter, will not promote a summery ambiance. Embrace the cool breeze of pastels and softer hues which can be functional year-round, but mostly to promote the feeling of calm comfort. We suggest whites, light greys, ivories, and creams. 

Color theory is a very real field of study which outlines the deep influence colors make us feel. Color is a very powerful tool used to change perceptions and provide peaceful environments that allow us to relax. Making sure that you and your loved ones are getting tasteful, light decor to help reflect the mood you want in your home. 

Bring Home Summer Scents 

Introduce a room diffuser into your space to emphasize the scents of summer. We don’t always realize how sensitive we are to smell. When a room has a light, clean scent, our bodies are at ease. This influences your association with a space so it’s easy to understand how the right scent can make you feel relaxed and happier. This is in line with the practice and aims of aromatherapy. 

Try scents like jasmine or sea breeze as part of the decor for your summer sanctuary. In this small way, you’re involving one of your senses to create a total relaxation experience. Just as a precaution, be mindful of room sprays fumes and keeping your diffuser out of reach of pets and children.

Clean Your Bedroom 

As you are decluttering, take the opportunity to wipe down the surfaces. The dust and cobwebs of a long winter have created a cocoon from which you must now break free. This mindful practice of cleansing your space will even influence your mindset. Go slowly and see that every side table, mantle, bedpost, and desk is fresh for the season. This includes vacuuming, mopping, throwing out the trash, and generally leaving your space free of debris.  

It’s often underestimated how much clearer your own thoughts and frame of mind will be once you’re done cleaning. 

Choose The Right Bed Linen

The biggest impact to your bedroom this summer will be a change to a light-palette matched with light-fabric bed linen. This ensures that when it’s warm outside and you just want to lie down and take a nap, your linens will breathe and allow you to rest instead of restlessly tossing and turning. 

For summer, we recommend a bright and breezy nautical palette, which includes navy blue, maroon, and white. You’ll feel as if you are on a boat looking out over the sea as you fall asleep. You can also transform your bedroom into a summer holiday hotel room with a beach themed decor in beige or coral bedding. 

Floral patterns are another great option that serves as a more rustic theme, making your bedroom resemble a beautiful English summer garden. 

We also have light cotton throws for those who get a chill with the breeze. 

Amalia Home Collection – Goa Design – Woven in soft jacquard, inspired by dreamy beaches and beautiful corals
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Amalia Home Collection – Spring/Summer Collection

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Amalia Home Collection – Spring/Summer Collection – Flor do Monte Design
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