DIY style lets you cater your style to your taste but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get some expert helps. Amalia Home Collection can give you tips to take into consideration for the perfect results.


1. Home interior design ideas

The inspiration of Café

First, we suggest making a mood board. Before putting your ideas into practice, lay them out with colors, textures, patterns, materials, and even themes. You can use interior home design apps to edit whenever inspiration strikes. Only when you love your design idea on paper is when you should seize the day and go for it. And don’t be afraid to change the plan if something isn’t working out like it did on paper. 


2. Modern but timeless furniture for your present and future home

Sónia and Aura Matelassé are two versatile designs

Your design should suit your current needs, but as times change, your tastes change. A design that won’t allow you to play with it and make important changes as time goes by is not ideal. Your family may grow, your kids may leave home. Choose a balance of timeless, functional design furniture so you can be ready for unexpected changes.


3. Be brave with decoration

Espírito makes a statement in the bedroom décor

Rooms that look like a design catalog are glamorous, but people don’t actually live in those rooms or sleep on those beds. It is important to feel at home in your own home, so if you want elegance, but also personality, then it is important to make choices that leave your mark on the way the rooms presents itself.


4. Learn how to beautify your home with big and little details

Flor do Monte gives a floral touch to every bedroom

Some decorators focus on the overall look and forego details. Some focus on every little knick-knack and don’t consider how everything fits together. Both are mistakes. Design is about achieving a goal. In this case, the goal is a balance between the small details that are captivating and the big statement pieces in the room.


5. Create focal points

Bring your bed to outside with Suave

Interior design’s greatest enemy is boredom. Even if your room is perfectly elegant and carefully arranged, there must be something to catch the eye and guide the gaze, according to layering design principles. It can be anything. A fireplace or a flat tv are some obvious examples, but you can manufacture focal points with artwork, carefully placed pieces of furniture, or even contrasting colors.


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