1. Creatively use the space under your bed

If you have a bed with space underneath, take advantage by storing things you don’t use daily. Too many unnecessary objects overstimulate the mind and make it difficult to unwind and settle down at night. A relaxing bedroom has few items, and primarily only those which serve a purpose.

2. Organize your closet for maximum effectiveness

The closet is often the most chaotic part of the bedroom. Each day, we go in searching for something to wear, and it’s easy to make a mess of it sometimes. Then we close the door, and hurry off to the day. By making a few small changes, you can create a functional space that won’t turn into a mess during the morning hustle.

Use vertical space to get things not used daily up and off the floor. Choose hangers appropriate for each type of clothing to avoid things falling to the floor. Add shelving above hanging bars for folded items. These small changes will help the space stay organized, and your clothes and shoes will be both visible and more easily maintained. Who knows? You may even find some great items you didn’t remember you had!

3. Use pretty boxes to organize small things

Whether in the closet, or in the room itself, coordinated items will help your bedroom look more organized and can also contribute toward the  overall theme. Choose a selection of boxes that are similar in shape, size, and color to store smaller things or “sets” of items. Not only does this encourage organization, but it keeps clutter out of site and is both practical and a beautiful decorative accessory.

4. Don’t forget to buy a trash bin

It can be stressful to have a bedroom full of old papers and things that should be in the trash all over the desks, night tables, or shelves. Trash and clutter shouldn’t be visible and all over the place. An easily accessible bin makes it simple and easy to keep trash at bay.

5. Use art to decorate

Beautiful pieces of art that mean something to you are some of the best items you can have in your home and bedroom. Besides introducing personality to your room, art helps create a more complete look in your space. As interior designer Nate Berkus once said: “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love, brought together under one roof.”

6. Maintain a functional night table

The night table serves an important function and as such, it deserves serious consideration. Not only will you store practical things here, but it’s something you’ll use, touch, and access on a daily basis. Find a piece that offers the functionality that you need while also being visually pleasing.


7. Get rid of what you don’t need 

Useless things tend to accumulate, and can become an organizational nightmare. Dedicate time to cleaning out and purging things that aren’t necessary or important. Keep only the things you need or that make you feel happy. Doing this helps create a more relaxing space.

8. Make your bed every day

An unmade bed can make your entire bedroom look a mess, even if it’s not. Take a few moments to make your bed each morning . This ensures the space is peaceful and serene when you return each evening.

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