Whether your room has a classic or modern style, color plays an important role and says a lot about your own personality. We choose a certain color because we like it, because we saw another room decorated with the same color scheme or because that color is now trendy in interior decoration.

Some people have difficulties when it comes to decide the color for their bedroom’s interior because they don’t know just where to start. When it comes to choosing bedroom colors there are a few things you should keep in mind. The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, so for most people, calm, and soothing colors are the best option. Colors induce moods, so it’s all about choosing the mood we want to induce before we decide which color we are gonna pick.

The bedroom is the place where we go to spend some quality time, when we need to stay alone and relax at the end of the day. For this reason, designers choose for bedroom certain colors that help to achieve a calm, relaxed and peaceful sleep.

That said, the bedroom is also a very personal space that should reflect our personality and personal preferences. If you feel better, more relaxed and more of yourself when you’re surrounded by bold and crazy colors, you should definitely go for it!

If you’re having trouble deciding on a bedroom color, we will help you with some useful tips:

Go neutral

Neutral colors are always a safe choice for bedrooms and have become a big trend in bedroom decor in recent years. We’re talking about beige, cream, brown, ivory, taupe, gray and white. They work well with all the other color so you can give life to the room decor items and bedding in different colors and patterns.

White can be a perfect choice for bedrooms, especially if you have a more limited budget. Remember to use some accessories or bedding in pastel colors to cheer a white bedroom.

Choose pastels

Pastel colors are a wonderful option for bedrooms. They’re soft, relaxing, serene and can help contribute to a good night’s sleep. You can choose soft blues, lavenders, greens, yellows, and pinks. To avoid that your room look too childish, you can accenting them with brighter accessories or dark wood furniture.

If you choose bright colors

How we’ve said before, normally bright colors don’t make the best color choice for a bedroom. Energetic and bold tones aren’t usually relaxing. But your bedroom is all about who you are. If you feel relaxed surrounded with strong, fresh and bold colors, you shouldn’t be afraid to go for it. A energetic and charismatic personality might need a bold decor in order to feel at home.

Avoid dark gray

Interior designers believe that we should avoid shades of dark gray for our bedrooms, because they can induce a state of sadness and depression stress. Our room should transport us to a state of calm and relaxation and help us to keep the problems and stress outside. So dark gray is a big no-no.

Seek inspiration in decor magazines

If you continue to feel completely lost after reading our color suggestions, you should look at decorating magazines and study different photos of bedrooms. Looking at different bedrooms and different color combinations, it’ll be easier for you to decide which ones are naturally the most appealing to you.

Choose a color that complement your furniture

The color for your bedroom shouldn’t be picked in a void. You should consider many things like your existing furniture and bedroom accessories. Look at all the items of your bedroom and think what colors will complement them.

Consider the size of the bedroom

Finally, when choosing the color for your bedroom, it’s very important for you to consider the size of the bedroom and the atmosphere you want to create. Generally, a light color will make the space look larger while a darker or warmer color will make it feel a bit smaller and cozier.

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