1. Start preparing for Monday on Friday 

If the return to work on Monday feels too difficult, the more pressure you feel the more difficult it will be. Try to free your Monday from some of the heaviest responsibilities you might have, by spending some time on Friday planning and taking care of them. The lighter the Monday feels for you, the easiest the starting of the work week will be. If you have meetings to plan, schedule them for  other days of the week, not for Mondays.

2. Don’t focus too much on the weekend 

If you plan everything that you enjoy for the weekend, the week will feel like a hell that you have to go through so you can have that well deserved time for yourself. The problem with this is that you will spend all the five weeks on agony, stressed, looking forward to Saturday. Try to have a more balance routine: plan something fun during the week: a movie night with friends, dance classes, a romantic dinner.

3. Make a list of the things that make you excited about work

Our moods are often a matter of perspective. We can look to the glass half empty or half full. One thing that can help you beating the Monday blues is turn around the dark thoughts. Before Monday, make a list of things you look forward to at work that week. Only if you can’t think of at least three things is a sign that you should think about making changes. But if you can think about some good things, that can make you in a good mood and help you to appreciate what you have.


4. Try to have fun at work 

Bring donuts for your colleagues, share funny stories about your weekend, make nice plans for lunch. Most probably, your colleagues are on the same boat than you. If you try to have fun with them, that can have a positive effect on everyone and help to transform what it could have been a gloomy day on a enjoyable one.

5. Relax and get enough sleep

Your weekend should be sacred. It’s very important that you avoid checking work emails or voicemail over the weekend. If you don’t leave your office problems on the office where they belong, you will be far more frustrated on the Monday, because you will feel that you never even had a weekend at all. Go to bed a little early on Sunday night so you don’t feel extra tired the morning after. Having a little more time for yourself in the morning will help you feel in control, and calmer. On the weekend you should do activities to relax and get enough sleep.

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