As such, we have decided to make a series of short recommendation blogs, where we try to give you a glimpse of some of the incredible gems you can find by getting out of Lisboa for the day.

Our first recommendation is Queluz.

Queluz sits just outside of Lisbon and is easily accessible by train. You can catch a direct train to Queluz from pretty much every CP station in Lisbon. Rossio, Entrecampos, Oriente, Santa Apolónia or Sete Rios will all take you there directly. Cais do Sodré is the lonely exception, out of the major train stations in Lisbon.


Three Must-see Sights to Visit in Queluz


1.    Museu da Pólvora Negra

Museu da Pólvora Negra @ Património Cultural

Literally translated, the Black Gunpowder Museum. This stunning baroque building that houses the museum is immediately recognizable because of its mustard color. The building used to be an actual gunpowder factory, which operated well into the 20th century. It was converted into a museum recently in 1994. This means that the history is still alive and well providing an unusual yet interesting visit.


2.    Matinha de Queluz

Matinha de Queluz @ Parques de Sintra

This is, or used to be, a “tapada” which translates to a wooded area used for hunting. It’s perfect for a mid-afternoon stroll because of the amazing variety of flora and fauna that can be found there. It was originally established as hunting grounds, very close to the Queluz National Palace, and is now a leisurely park, with rich cultural programming in the summer months.


3.    Palácio Nacional de Queluz

Palácio Nacional de Queluz @ Pixabay

This major attraction is one that we saved as the best for last. One of the most impressive palaces in the whole country, this 18th-century masterpiece alone is definitely worth the trip. Don’t be deceived by the relatively austere public face you’ll see while arriving from the town as the true wonders are inside as well as the lavish French gardens on the other side. Every wing of the palace has a different look. Some are reminiscent of Borromini, others are extravagantly Baroque, and even the statuary that can be found in the gardens is iconic. And that’s to say nothing of the interiors, where the ballroom and the chapel alone would’ve made the palace one of Portugal’s most splendid tourist attractions.

Amalia Home Collection – Espírito Duvet Cover

Of course, we couldn’t help but be inspired by the palatial magnificence of a place such as the National Palace, and several of our designs directly reflect how the legacy of Portuguese history has impacted our company and our work.

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How To Decorate With Your Unique History

Amalia Home Collection’s luxury bedding takes inspiration from the beauty and culture of Portugal. Our techniques have been preserved through each generation and continue to evolve with the many sides of Portugal one can discover.

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