Egyptian Cotton Association

Our company was one of the first to have the coveted Egyptian Cotton Association Gold Seal accreditation. This means Amalia Home Collection is part of a DNA-based authentication program designed to prevent falsely labeled goods in the supply chain.

The Certified Egyptian Cotton™ logo is a mark of genuine, unmatched quality, ensuring that products labeled as Egyptian CottonTM are constructed with 100% of the fiber. “If you are buying Egyptian CottonTM you know that you are getting nothing less than the finest in the world”, as stated by the Cotton Egypt Association.

Because of this accomplishment, and because we seek the best raw materials, we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers.

António and Maria José Coelho Lima, co-founders of Amalia Home Collection, meet cotton-growers in Egypt

Egyptian Cotton Fields

In October 2019, we were part of an exclusive group of close partners who had the rare opportunity of seeing firsthand where it all starts.

Our privileged group saw the cotton process directly from the beginning of cultivation by standing on the actual fields as part of the Egyptian Cotton Project – implemented by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization).

We stood proudly on the cotton fields as Egyptian farmers carefully harvest handfuls of their nation’s famous export, Egyptian CottonTM – a pillar of Egypt’s economic sector. Moreover, we had the chance to meet and engage with a few farmers and smallholders – these are farms supporting a single family with a mixture of cash crops and subsistence farming.

Freshly picked cotton in Egyptian Cotton fields

The Egyptian Cotton Project

The Egyptian Cotton Project is led by UNIDO Egypt, aiming to enhance the sustainability, inclusiveness and value addition of the cotton value chain. Traceability and transparency are likewise other key areas of focus.

The project prioritizes these aspects by developing the economic, social, and environmental performance of long-staple and extra-long-staple cotton manufacturers as well as by supporting institutions.


Invested in Excellence

Thanks to this insightful experience, we feel the need to keep investing in the improvement of wages, safety, and working conditions. By doing so, we will be able to obtain not only more competitive costs, but also a sustainable and fair process.

We strongly believe in an ecological and equal business relationship. As a result, Amalia Home Collection is willing to assume the responsibility of being one of the biggest fine bed linen Egyptian CottonTM producers in the world. 

These insights are proof of our commitment to our partners and customers, in addition to always providing the best luxury linen available. Visiting Egyptian fields is one experience we will not soon forget.


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