Amalia Home Collection is a fourth-generation family business and it’s a culmination of almost 100 years of experience and heritage in the textile industry.

Our roots can be traced back several generations to the 1920’s, when some of the original mills of northern Portugal began to manufacture products that personified the European quality and the craftsmanship. Today, many of that same methods and techniques used for decades are combined with a modern innovation, resulting in a luxurious high-end product.

1. Portuguese distinctive work

Portugal has about 6000 companies laboring in all sub-sectors of the textile and clothing industry,  all well known for their flexibility, rapid response, know- how, talent and innovation.

2. From Portugal with love

To find flights that ensure fast connections with Portugal it’s not a problem, once there are many flights available. To ship merchandise this way it’s cheap and easy.

3. Working with creativity 

The Portuguese entrepreneurs are known for always finding the best solutions. The big brands we all know trust the Portuguese factories to find different, creative and inspiring solutions for their needs.


Inspired, Designed and Made in Portugal

Our bed linen collections are all made in the Guimarães region of Portugal and are inspired by the Portuguese culture and its beautiful landscapes. From the coastline to the countryside, from the cobblestone streets to the rolling hills, from the rooms of a beautiful palace to the Atlantic ocean’s deep blue, each design brings a little piece of Portugal to your home. Check our collections. 

Some facts about the Portuguesa Textile Industry 

  • International designers are attracted to Portugal not just to produce their clothes but also to buy the materials for their collections
  • The textile and clothing industry in Portugal is one of the key industrial sectors in the country
  • The Portuguese textile industry is globally known for the high standard of its manufacturing
  • Most of the textile companies are located in the Northern region of the country

The prediction is that the Portuguese textile industry continues to grow in dimension and quality. The companies like Amalia Home Collection continue improving their production techniques and expanding their brands abroad.