1. Use soft colors

Soft colors and simple-line furniture are ideal for those with limited space. Even if you have a large bathroom space, the clean and minimalist design can make wonderful visual effects because the consistency of colors and among all the elements offers tranquility. Often the less is more and in the bathroom is no exception.

2. Bet on textiles

Textiles help soften hard surfaces and make spaces more comfortable. Do not forget to get a carpet thin enough to dry between uses and it is important to wash it regularly. You can also bet on different formats and textures.

3. Always keep it organized

Wall cabinets are an excellent choice for organizing small bathrooms. They are excellent for storing towels and hygiene products or arranging costume jewelry, make-up and other everything you want to.

4. The maximum of natural light

Light is a primordial element of life. The natural light makes us stay in good spirits and makes the space that surrounds us more inspiring and attractive. If you have a window in the bathroom, do not tape it! Put discreet elements on the glass so the bathroom has privacy but does not darken it too much.

5. Put there plants and flowers

The idea is to create your own tropical paradise with several indoor plants from around the world! Small bathrooms with little space? No problem! Try to occupy the free space vertically by applying flower pots to the wall.In larger bathrooms, you have more freedom for your imagination. But be sure to beautify your bathroom with the power of nature!

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