1. Aloe vera plant

For its healing properties, the aloe vera plant is a great addition to your home. The salve from this plant soothes burns and cuts. Aloe vera plants also help improve the air quality in your home by clearing chemicals in the air. You’ll notice brown spots on the leaves of the plants when chemical levels are high. Pay attention to protect the air that you breathe. And be sure to find a sunny spot for the plant to live, as they grow best with lots of daily sunshine.

Aloe vera plant

2. Rubber Tree

Rubber tree is also famous for cleaning the air, and it’s one of the easiest plants to grow! These reasons alone make it one of the best options for a houseplant. Bring one inside, and let it get to work!

Rubber Tree

3. Peace Lily  

The peace lily plant is most famous for its beauty, but it’s also a surprisingly low-maintenance flower that’s easy to keep inside. Peace lilies do well in shade and cooler temperatures, and they can reduce the levels of a number of diferente toxins in the air. This beautiful plant will bring joy and elegance to your home.

Peace Lily

4. Bamboo Palm  

The bamboo palm is the perfect option to bring an exotic touch to your home decor. One interesting fact about this amazing plant is that it made NASA’s list of top clean-air plants!

Bamboo Palm

5. Philodendron

Philodendron is a large genus of flowering plants in the Araceae family. It’s also a very popular plant choice for indoor áreas because they are both very beautiful, as well as incredibly easy to grow. Moderately water this plant, and give it a bit of sunlight and you’ll enjoy it for many years.


6. Red-Edged Dracaena

This is a beautiful plant that can grow to be ceiling-height if it’s in proper sunlight. It’s perfect for large, open spaces, and offers a vibrant appearance that will look amazing in almost any type of home.

Red-Edged Dracaena

7. Cactus

Many people love to have a cactus in their home or work space. They are very easy to maintain,and thrive in natural light. They require watering once a week during the spring and summer, and every three weeks during the fall and winter. You have two great options: buy one big cactus, or buy a variety of small ones and plant them together for a beautiful indoor cactus garden.


8. Snake Plants

Snake Plants are also a great option if you don’t have much time for taking care of your houseplants. Indirect light is the best, along with light waterings that take place only after the soil has fully dried.  

Snake Plants

9. Anthurium

If you’re looking for vibrant beauty, this is the best option! This wonderful plant is known for its gorgeous heart-shaped flowers. While a bit more high maintenance, it’s worth the effort!   


10. Coffee Plant

An arabica coffee plant won’t satisfy your daily cup requirement, but you might just obtain enough beans every once in a while to roast and brew your own cup! This plant is very easy to take care of and needs only medium indirect light. Coffee arabica is usually from south-western Ethiopia.

Coffee Plant

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