1. Bold Colors 

Bold Colors are one of the strongest bedroom decor trends for this season. Soft colors have a good relaxing feeling, but sometimes we want to add some fun to our bedroom decor. It’s all about mixing bright colors togethers.  Mix neutral colors walls with bright colors decor items like cushions, rug, curtains, bed linen. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns.

2. Glam dark woods

Dark Furniture is one of the biggest home decor trends in 2018, including when it comes to the bedroom. We’re stepping away from pale, bleached woods that were hugely popular. Now the darker wood tones are more associated to modern luxury and retro glamour.

3. Metallic touches

The addition of luxe metallic touches is always a sophisticated decor choice. Brass is the most sophisticated and organic of the metallic color palette. Brass furniture pieces, mirrors and accessories all help to add a luxurious finish to any room decor. Tip: accentuate brass with soft pink and emerald green colors.

4. Artisan textures

Texture is a big trend this season! Textiles take a playful role with lots of embellishments, raw edges and appliqué details. Play with textures and materials, try different and original combinations, and you will get an irresistible bedroom.

5. The bedroom meets luxury

Finally, the main rule for bedroom decor this year: create an added sense of luxury. Simple touches of luxury and indulgent features are the key. Every decor item should be seen as special and it’s worth of attention. It’s a question of adding style to the functional items like lighting or bed linen.

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