There is a lot of preparation that goes into hosting guests during the holidays, regardless of whether they are close friends or family. Even Christmas dinner parties can often turn into overnight stays, so be sure to check out our tips to be fully prepared before the doorbell rings.

Sometimes all you need are a few essentials to make people feel at home during their stay using colors, designs, fabrics and styles. This also makes the guest room a perfect place to experiment with decor trends that might be a little intimidated to try in your own bedroom.


1. Dress up the Bed with Throws and Blankets

Nothing transforms a bed or makes it more irresistible than adding a throw into the mix.

Throws and Blankets
Amalia Home Collection – Alasca Throw

Throws are used for both decoration and extra warmth, so they are the ideal cozy winter layer. For cooler nights, you can even find a blanket or throw that’s big enough to cover the bed.


2. Try the Classic, Go-with-anything White

Lighten things up with a pastel-toned bed linen set and neutral accessories.

White Bedding
Amalia Home Collection – Victoria Duvet Cover

Less is more! It feels clean and perfectly inviting. All it takes is layers of fresh bed linen, a small side table, and a lamp. Also, all-cotton bedding will ensure your guests find a comfortable sleeping temperature. Cotton is breathable in warm months, but comfy in cold weather.


3. Keep the Storage Space

Storage space is always appreciated when you’re staying at someone’s house, right? So, when the roles are reversed, try to offer your visitors some space for their belongings – they will be thankful. Room storage will help them easily unpack and settle in.

Bedroom Storage Space
Keep the Storage Space

Providing a functional space to hang clothes and stow bags is extremely convenient and keeps the room from being cluttered. Useful pieces like nightstands with a drawer will maximize the room’s storage. Simple door hooks come in handy for towels and coats but don’t take any extra space. For long-term guests, a hanging closet organizer works great too.


4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors always give the impression of space making rooms seem larger in appearance.

Bedroom mirror
Add A Mirror

Bringing in more reflective surfaces will bounce light around the room, making it appear bigger and brighter. Place a freestanding mirror in the corner or fix a mountable one to a wall or bedroom door if space is limited.


5. Get Creative with Pillowcases and Euro Shams

The right pillowcases are part of the bedding equation that will make your guest bed feel just right.

Pillowcases and Euro Shams
Amalia Home Collection – Sónia Pillowcase Pair

In this opportunity, fresh Euro Shams definitely take center stage adding unique accents to the bedroom. New colors and textures instantly transform an otherwise neutral room without the commitment of an extreme makeover.


6. Add A Statement Chair Or Bench

Remember, this is your chance to make a statement! A chair in the corner or a bench at the foot of the bed is a great way to give any room a finished look.

Bedroom Chair or Bench
Add a Statement Chair or Bench

If you have space, you could even include a lounge area with a small sofa or loveseat and table. It comes in handy and feels more layered. If there is limited space, try a smaller accent like a couple of stools. Just remember not to cram too much furniture in.


7. Play with Art and Books

One thing that instantly establishes the voice of a home is the artwork on display.

Art and Books in the bedroom
Play with Art and Books

From the art on the walls to the books or magazines on the shelves, which best helps reflect your personality? Edit your bookcase with books that represent you and do an inventory of your art to create a truly curated gallery on the wall.


8. Lighting Aesthetics

Lighting makes the room uplifting; it’s a secret ingredient to setting the right mood. Something as simple as changing the lighting in a room can make it feel like an entirely different space.

Bedroom Lighting
Lighting Aesthetics

A bedside lamp not only allows for easy reading, but gives a gentle, warm glow to any bedroom, making it a must-have for any guest room. If your guest arrives at nighttime, leave it on for them in a considerate gesture. If it’s daytime, draw open your curtains and roll up your blinds so that the natural light floods in.


9. Transform your Attic

If all the rooms are occupied, then utilize your attic space! Make an upgrade and turn it into a snug retreat.

Transform your Attic into a guest bedroom
Transform your Attic

If the ceilings are lower or sloped, you should keep everything low to the ground and hang a pendant light to polish things off. Also, under-bed storage helps keeping the space uncluttered while open shelves with a few decorative objects enhance the homely feel.


10. Add Finishing Touches

Finally, go that extra mile with finishing touches that’ll give your guests a memorable experience.

Bedroom Decor Finishing Touches
Add Finishing Touches

For practical yet thoughtful finishing touches, consider including the following: lay out towels, a live plant or fresh flowers, a tissue box, a hairdryer, some basic toiletry essentials and a carafe of water. Some snacks or even a sleep mask are also a nice touch that’s simple but always appreciated. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a note with your home’s Wi-Fi network and password.


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The highest-quality bedding and the right accessories will not only make your guest bedroom look amazing but provide the comfiest night’s sleep too.

Follow these tips and spoil your overnight guests. They will definitely notice and, most importantly, they will feel at home.


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