02 Listen to Portugal


Algarve Beaches Waves Sounds


They say that a fisherman’s life isn’t easy. That we must be all crazy for choosing this life of uncertainty and tremendous dangers. They look to our wounded hands and tired eyes, and think: “how can they live like this?”

But what they don’t realize is that we think the same when we look at them: “How can they live like this?”. How can they live without feeling the immense freedom of the never-ending sea? How can they live without feeling the soft cold wind on their face every single day? Without knowing the feeling of being one with nature, in the high sea, looking at all those beautiful shades of blue, always changing, always transforming. Looking at all the different types of fishes, of all colors and sizes, showing off and disappearing like they were part of a ballet play. So much life dancing around you, gracing you with their presence and accepting you there, in their home. Above you only blue, just another sea full of shining stars.

Even when I am laying on my bed, I dream about my boat and all that serene blue around me, and the paradisiac beaches of hot soft yellow sand where I go to rest. I hear the waves and I can only think about the night sky. I think how the moon, surrounded by all the stars, looks just like my wood fishing boat surrounded by all the fishes.