1. No greasy food

Fast food, ice cream and chocolate are like devils to your stomach! To eat that fatty food before bedtime, causes an extra effort to digest, which causes discomfort and consequently can make sleep difficult.

2. Pay attention to caffeine intake

Everyone knows that  caffeine block production of the chemicals in the brain that tell our bodies to sleep, making us more alert. Caffeine can stay in the bloodstream for up to six hours after consumed it. So if you have difficulties to fall asleep, limit caffeine consume in the afternoon and evening hours.

3. No sugar

Too much sugar ingest have a direct effect on blood sugar levels and sugar boosts energy levels quickly! In other hand, they crash quickly after that, making your body feel confused. The best way to have a consistent energy level during all day is limiting sugar. That will make you sleep much better too.

4. Drink water all day long

If you don’t get enough water, you might get irritable, fatigued and otherwise, being dehydrated can disrupt your sleep, too. The secret is drinking all day and not chugging a bottle of water right before bed, because if you do that, you will need to to go to the bathroom during the night.

5. Eat a little snack before sleep

To sleep well, your stomach doesn’t need to be empty either. Bananas or berries contains some chemicals that our brains need to make for sleep. Studies says that after drinking tart cherry juice you can fall asleep faster.


6. Breakfast of a King and a dinner of a pauper

Large meals take longer to digest, so if you want to fall asleep faster, don’t eat too much at night! Instead, eat one very nutritious breakfast to endure the long day and be productive.

We wish you a good meal and a peaceful sleep!

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