1. Strong colors

Whether applying color on the walls, or would rather bet on colorful decorations, go ahead. This year the strong colors control the trend! Bold colors are the best bet to give a spring look to your home and you can play with these shades in many ways, from a sofa to bed sheets.

2. Patterns

This year the patterns are back in full force, but not all are bold enough to be part of the trend. Ethnic and tropical patterns are this year’s focus and they will bring culture and color to your home. Bet on colored materials with Indian or Turkish patterns, but be careful, don’t exaggerate. Discover here our bed linen and patterns. 

3. Textures

The textures have a strong role in this year’s trends and you can use textiles to add an exquisite touch to your decor. Exploit this trend in your bedroom, use blankets and bedding sets to create spectacular textures that will make your room comfortable and stunning.

4. Marble

Marble has been sought after, not for the material itself, but for its shade. From bedding to wallpaper, the marble effect is fashionable and could not stay out of this year’s trends. In this season bet on decoration pieces with a marble finish and you will see that it will make all the difference in the lighter color schemes.

5. Floor with patterns

The floor of your home can also contribute as an interesting decoration. From tiles to wood, you can add dimension to your home and create a modern environment through the most diverse patterns.

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